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Forensics Task Force

Co-Chairs: Nicole Schneider, Ph.D & Jordan Wolfsohn, PsyD

The focus and mission of this task force is to bring Colorado’s forensic psychologists and supportive others together in the interest of identifying needs and promoting change within the state’s forensic mental health system.  Successful initiatives have included testimony at the house and senate, which ultimately resulted in obtaining privileges for qualified forensic psychologists to conduct sanity evaluations (as opposed to the previous legislation limiting those to only psychiatrists). Subsequently, this task force also successfully changed the decades old cap on rates for qualified forensic psychologists who perform certain types of specific forensic evaluations. Future goals include improving re-integration and adjustment of mentally ill offenders into the community, improving the quality of court related professional activities that involve forensic psychologists, and bringing forensic psychologists across Colorado together for dialogue pertaining to issues that affect our work.


PTSD Task Force

Chair: OPEN

In June of 2014 Governor Hickenlooper signed legislation to create a Task Force to address Law Enforcement PTSD, suicides and mental health issues.  One of the main goals of the committee was to develop legislation for the inclusion of law enforcement PTSD as a reimbursable injury under the Workers Compensation Program.  Currently the Workers Compensation  system considers the development of PTSD as a typical part of the law enforcement Officers' duty requirements and therefore, is not a reimbursable treatment expense.  The goals of the committee are to educate the legislators as well as the insurance providers on the concept and contamination process of PTSD along with developing legislation to get that clause eliminated from the reimbursement policy.  The committee did submit legislation in 2016, but it was killed in committee by a vote of 3-2.  


Racial Justice Task Force

Chair: Apryl Alexander, PsyD

The Racial Justice Task Force is a work group recently created by the Colorado Board of Directors.  The purpose of the task force is to address issues pertaining to the mental health of all people affected by racism, and to develop plans for addressing and reducing systemic and acute oppression, bias, subjugation, violence, and emotional and physical abuse directed toward people of color in the state of Colorado and beyond; to address issues of privilege that promote systemic racism; and to partner with organizations in the state toward promoting racial justice.