CPA Strategic Planning

2021 - 2022 Goals

CPA leadership participated in a Strategic Planning workshop to assess what CPA does well and what opportunities to improve exist. While the Mission and Vision of CPA remain unchanged, the new Strategic Plan allows us to hone our efforts and clearly communicate what is being done on behalf of our members and the communities we serve.

Our intention is that you, as a CPA member, more clearly see the difference your membership makes and better understand where you can participate in organizational efforts. 

See our 2021-2022 Organizational Goals Below: 

Broad Goal #1: BRAND

Expand brand awareness of the value and impact of CPA, through community connections, increased outreach efforts, demonstration of membership value and communication about successful and current initiatives.

Timeline: Ongoing; quarterly progress reports to the board.

Broad Goal #2: GOVERNANCE

Improve governance through a review of the governance structure, better succession planning, and greater accountability and understanding of CPA leadership positions.

Timeline: June 2021

Broad Goal #3: ADVOCACY

Expand advocacy efforts by including consumer/public interests and underserved unmet needs. Develop proactive agendas/goals and provide a robust, clear, and accurate way to communicate our efforts to our communities (internal and external)

Timeline: Ongoing; progress reporting at each board meeting.

Broad Goal #4: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Develop action-oriented plans to pursue diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives addressing both internal (CPA) and external (community) needs. Initiatives will involve self-reflection, outreach, advocacy, and increasing access to services and opportunities for underserved populations.

Timeline: Ongoing; progress reporting at each board meeting.