CPA Listserv: Instructions and Guidelines

Posted: February 27, 2020

In response to the confusion about the listserv messages and senders, all listserv posts will now automatically insert "CPA Listserv Post" at the beginning of the subject line. This should make it clear to recipients that the post is coming as part of the listserv and not a personal email. You do not have to do anything differently when posting. 
Secondly, below are the updated Listserv Rules:

1.The Listserv may not be used for commercial purposes, meaning those that serve to advance the financial interests or business of the posting party. 
        a. Prohibited Posts
        i. Advertising products or services that directly benefit the posting party
        ii.  Advertising office space availability
        iii. Directly soliciting members to purchase products or services

        b. Acceptable Posts
        i. Job listings or postings
        ii. Discussion of products or services that do not directly benefit the posting party 
        c. Listserv members wishing to advertise products, services, or office space should contact CPA about advertising options at [email protected]


2. Refrain from providing too much identifying information when requesting referrals. General location, age, gender, clinical issue, and insurance provider are permitted. Information should be useful for connecting with relevant providers but not to the extent the client could be easily identified. 

3. Please adhere to requests to backchannel responses. If you intend to reply to the posting party, please send them a separate email at the email address they provide. Please do not click “Reply All,” as this sends your message to the entire listserv unnecessarily. 

4. The Listserv may not be used for illegal purposes, such as defamation, violation of intellectual property laws, or criminal laws.

5. Do not intentionally violate other members’ network equipment, such as forwarding unsolicited advertisement or computer worms and viruses. 

6. Discussions of political activity are subject to IRS and FEC laws and regulations. 
        a. Prohibited Posts
        i. Advocacy for a particular candidate
        ii. Attempts to raise money for a particular candidate or PAC 
        b. Acceptable Posts
        i. General political advocacy discussions
        ii. Providing factual information about a PAC


Please address concerns or questions about the Listserv to [email protected] For reference, the Listserv Rules will be located on the CPA website
Finally, we welcome any members who have ideas or concerns about CPA communications to join our Communications Committee! We are always looking to improve communications and welcome your input directly. If you'd like to be involved in expanding and improving the communications of the organization, please query Stephanie Fox at [email protected] to find out how to get involved! 


Stephanie M. Fox, Psy.D.
CPA Communications Chair


Members: 2020 Week 7 'Under The Dome' 

Posted: February 24, 2020

 Legislative Update 2020
Under The Dome, Week 7 Highlights of the Week

Jeannie Vanderburg


View this week's Under the Dome legislative update from CPA's lobbying, Capstone Group. To access your State Bill Tracking Report or to view the bills CPA is tracking and taking positions on, click here: 



American Psychological Association | Support Needed for Psychologists Who Work with Trauma Survivors

Posted: February 25, 2020

Day after day, many practicing psychologists treat people who have experienced severe trauma and loss, including survivors of abuse, victims of mass shootings and patients facing premature death.

While this work can be extremely rewarding, it can also take a toll, otherwise known as vicarious traumatization, compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress, says Janna Henning, PsyD, a professor of clinical psychology at Adler University in Chicago and founder of its traumatic stress psychology program. “I have come to believe there is an almost inevitable impact on therapists who regularly hear stories of human suffering,” she says.

Unfortunately, the mental health field has tended to underplay the impact this stress has on providers, adds Henning, who is also co-chair of the Education and Training Committee for APA Div. 56 (Trauma Psychology). Most training programs don’t delve into the issue, and few health-care systems attend sufficiently to provider well­being. Plus, there’s the false yet pervasive notion that good practitioners should be able to handle any traumatic material that clients may share.

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Members: Tell Us Your Professional And Personal News!

Posted: February 20, 2020

CPA would love to hear about exciting changes and achievements in your professional and personal endeavors to include in our weekly e-news.

Click here to complete the online form to submit your news. This is a member benefit, so you will need to be logged into the site to view and complete the form. 

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Members: 2020 Week 6 'Under The Dome' 

Posted: February 17, 2020

 Legislative Update 2020
Under The Dome, Week 6 Highlights of the Week

Jeannie Vanderburg


View this week's Under the Dome legislative update from CPA's lobbying, Capstone Group. To access your State Bill Tracking Report or to view the bills CPA is tracking and taking positions on, click here: 


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