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Join us for the CPA Virtual Annual Meeting on Friday, July 28 at 12 PM

Members will receive call-in information for the meeting via email!

Hear from CPA’s leaders about the state of the association and celebrate major legislative accomplishments in 2023. Also, discover how to become more engaged to get the most out of your CPA membership!

This Annual Meeting will occur during the lunch break of the Risk Management workshop. 


  • Brian Beaumund, Past President
  • Alyssa Oland, President
  • Monica Corrado, Treasurer
  • Jin Lee, President-Elect and Award Recipient

Colorado Public Radio Interview on Psychedelics

Andrew Kenney, Public Affairs Reporter for Colorado Public Radio contacted CPA about the proliferation of unlicensed "psychedelic guides" who are providing psychedelic mushrooms and receiving payment to accompany people during psychedelic trips. He requested an interview with a professional who could speak about potential concerns with this activity. CPA Board Member, Jana Bolduan Lomax, PsyD, who is currently enrolled in a year-long training program and has been researching this modality of therapy, was one of Andrew's interviewees. Dr. Lomax states, "there will certainly be more media interest as Colorado moves forward with the Natural Medicine practices, regulations and consumer education. I’m cautiously optimistic and feel a deep responsibility to help my clientspeers, and community members who seek these therapies to be safe, well-educated consumers and have realistic expectations about the treatments and providers."

Listen to CPR's 4-minute interview: A gray market emerges in Colorado after voters approved psychedelic substances


Did You Miss CPA's Latest Webinar - "Colorado Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists"?

This webinar was recorded on June 9, 2023, and is now available for on-demand learning in the CPA Learning Center.

This presentation, by Jin Lee PsyD, MSCP, BCBprovides an in-depth overview of the Colorado Prescriptive Authority Law and the steps to become a prescribing psychologist in Colorado. It covers the legislative framework, brief regulatory requirements, and scope of practice for prescribing psychologists in the state. The presentation outlines the educational and training requirements, a brief overview of licensure and certification processes, and ongoing professional development needed to obtain prescriptive authority. It explores the potential benefits and implications of prescriptive authority for psychologists, including its impact on patient care, collaboration with other healthcare providers, and ethical considerations. The role of prescribing psychologists in integrated healthcare settings is examined, including opportunities and challenges in interdisciplinary team collaboration. The presentation also identifies available resources and support for psychologists interested in pursuing prescriptive authority in Colorado.

CPA Members: $35
Non-Members: $70
CPA Students: $10 

Earn 1 CE and Register Here!




Free Psychopharmacology Webinar - Overprescribing in Pediatric Psychopharmacology

On Monday, July 10th, from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm MDTDr. George Kapalka, will be my guest on Perspectives in Psychopharmacology for a webinar entitled, “Overprescribing in Pediatric Psychopharmacology.” Please mark your calendars as this is a free webinar and licensed psychologists will receive 1 free CE credit for their attendance. We are sure to have an informative and engaging presentation about the overprescribing of psychotropic medications to children and recommendations to prevent misinformed practice. The flyer and registration link are found below. Please send this message and flyer to your colleagues via the groups and listservs you belong to. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Monday, July 10th!

Click here for more information.



Under The Dome - June 2023 Quarterly Revenue Forecast

The Joint Budget Committee met today for the June 2023 Economic Forecast. Legislative Council Staff (LCS) and the Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) forecasts show a continued, yet moderate, economic expansion. Both LCS and OSPB noted that inflationary pressures in Colorado are dropping, but at a slower rate than the United States as a whole, due to elevated housing costs. While individual final tax payments were lower than expected, corporate income tax revenues have surpassed expectations in Colorado and across the country. The risk of near-term recession is less than previous quarterly projections and the revenue forecast anticipates a continued yet slowing expansion with growth projected in the out years. State revenue is projected to exceed the TABOR Referendum C cap through the three-year forecast period according to both forecasts.

Read full report here.

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