Psychologists from 40 Countries Pledged to Use Their Jobs to Address Climate Change

Posted: January 5th, 2020

The leaders of psychological associations from more than 40 countries signed a proclamation this week at a conference on psychology and global health in Lisbon, pledging to use their expertise as psychologists to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.”

Already, psychologists have recognized that climate change is a threat to psychological health. But with this move, psychological associations from around the world are signaling a desire to actually address the problem. 

The American Psychological Association, one of the groups whose leaders signed the document, made history in 2017 by throwing its weight behind a body of research that pointed to “eco anxiety” as a legitimate affliction. That year, the APA published a 69-page report that urged broad recognition of the connection between mental health and climate change: The changing environment is a legitimate source of distress already affecting many people, the report emphasized, and it has the potential to be psychologically destabilizing.

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CPA Implementing a Modest Dues Increase to Cover Rising Costs 

Posted: November 20, 2019


Renew by December 15 at current rate


CPA values every member and we recognize it’s the members that make our association strong and vibrant. We thank all members for your past support and continuing involvement with CPA into 2020.

In the past few years, to bring members the most up-to-date technology and resources, we’ve launched a new, more user-friendly website; produced webinars and events throughout the year to provide continuing education credit opportunities at discounted member rates, including the highly successful Risk Management Workshop sponsored by The Trust; host an ethics hotline to provide ethics consultation across the state and online ethics resources; and more.

A large role the Colorado Psychological Association plays on behalf of its members is advocacy both at the state legislative and federal level of government. Our dedicated lobbyists work through each legislative session to monitor bills that affect your practice and the industry as a whole. In 2018, CPA proactively ran legislation allowing Colorado to join PSYPACT, an interstate compact for psychologists which allows for greater use of tele-psychology. The passage of this law brings more access to Coloradans in need of mental health resources, particularly in rural areas. Our lobbyist has also included a mounting an effort to defeat legislation to further legitimize the practice of Registered Psychotherapists in Colorado, helping pass groundbreaking legislation to prohibit conversion therapy for minors our mental health partners to support HB 1269: Mental Health Parity, SB 010: Professional Behavioral Health Services for Schools, and HB 1244: Expand Peace Office Mental Health Support Program. The 2020 legislative session is going to be of particular importance since the legislature is reviewing the Mental Health Practice Act. CPA has already spent five months preparing for this effort, surveying members, building legislative allies, and working with other licensed mental health professionals to ensure the best possible outcome. One of our greatest priorities is making sure we have your backs when it comes to laws and regulations and protecting your interests! And we have strength in numbers thanks to you.

While we’ve done all of this, we haven’t raised member dues in more than ten years. In addition to the undertaking of new products, services and events, we have experienced increases in prices for services over the same time. After careful consideration, the board voted to implement a modest 5% dues increase across all membership levels, to maintain the financial stability of the association and continue to provide outstanding service to members. 

The average dues increase is $9. If you renew before December 15, you can renew at the current dues rate before the change takes effect. If you have any questions, please call our office and we are happy to help you and provide any information you need.



Colorado Psychological Association

Phone: 303.692.9303

Email: [email protected]


The December 2019 TCP is Now Available

Posted: December 3, 2019

Members of CPA - your December 2019 edition of The Colorado Psychologist is now available!

Inside December's Issue: 

1. Message from the President
3. Message from the Editors
4. Training for Psychotherapists Working with Spanish-Speaking Immigrants
7. What's New at CPA
9. Interview with a Psychologist
10. CPA Calendar
11. Interview with a Community Navigator
14. Ten Gifts from an Extraordinary Therapist
16. Psychological Evals for Immigration Court I
19. Psychological Evals for Immigration Court II
21. Refugee Mental Health in 2019


Members: View December 2019 TCP Here

Why More Psychiatrists Are Recommending Yoga

Posted: December 12, 2019

A recent study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice offered yet another piece of compelling evidence that yoga may be an effective treatment option for depressed patients (Scott, T). In the study, 30 participants were separated into two groups. One received three 90-minute yoga classes and four homework sessions per week, and the second received two 90-minute yoga classes and three homework sessions each week. The duration of the study was 12 weeks. Both groups showed promising results: an increase in feelings of positivity, a reduction in anxiety, improved sleep, and a decrease in depressive symptoms.

I have already shared some of my thoughts about the study here, and I believe that any tool at our disposal that may help fight depression and improve quality of life should be given serious consideration. But perhaps what I like most about this particular study is that participants taking antidepressants were required to have maintained a stable dose of their medication for at least three months prior to enrolling. This makes it difficult to attribute any positive results to a medication effect only.

I am a psychiatrist with a busy outpatient practice. I help patients overcome depression and anxiety, and I listen to stories of heartache, resiliency, and hope. I offer guidance, and sometimes medication. I also talk to patients about nutrition, the importance of moving their bodies, and finding joy in the journey of discovering true purpose.



Keep Stress Under Control as Holiday Season Starts

Posted: December 10, 2019

Stress abounds during the holiday season, but you can ease it, an expert says.

The way to manage stress is to recognize it and take steps to minimize it so it doesn't overwhelm you, according to Cinnamon Stetler, an associate professor of psychology at Furman University, in Greenville, S.C.

One way to ease holiday stress is to avoid unrealistic expectations, such as believing the holidays will change people and family relationships.

"If your stress stems from other people's actions, that's largely out of your control. What you can do is limit your exposure," Stetler said in a university news release.

Don't obsess about family holiday traditions.


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