Colorado Public Radio Interview on Psychedelics

Andrew Kenney, Public Affairs Reporter for Colorado Public Radio contacted CPA about the proliferation of unlicensed "psychedelic guides" who are providing psychedelic mushrooms and receiving payment to accompany people during psychedelic trips. He requested an interview with a professional who could speak about potential concerns with this activity. CPA Board Member, Jana Bolduan Lomax, PsyD, who is currently enrolled in a year-long training program and has been researching this modality of therapy, was one of Andrew's interviewees. Dr. Lomax states, "there will certainly be more media interest as Colorado moves forward with the Natural Medicine practices, regulations and consumer education. I’m cautiously optimistic and feel a deep responsibility to help my clientspeers, and community members who seek these therapies to be safe, well-educated consumers and have realistic expectations about the treatments and providers."

Listen to CPR's 4-minute interview: A gray market emerges in Colorado after voters approved psychedelic substances