Under The Dome - Governor Polis 30-day Clock

Bill Signings Yesterday, June 7, marked the final day for Governor Polis to act on bills, choosing to sign, veto or let bills become law without his signature. The “30-day clock” is a time for the Governor and legislative champions to highlight the work of the legislative session with their constituents, garner press attention, and celebrate the big wins of the year. Governor Polis highlighted a fiscally responsible and bipartisan budget that includes record savings for the future and record investments in Colorado students. He also highlighted what her termed “nationleading laws” in education and workforce development, improving math scores, achieving 100% renewable energy by 2040, harnessing geothermal, making Colorado one of the top ten safest states, and measures aimed at helping save people money on health care and prescription drugs, as well as a measure to cut property taxes for Coloradans and seniors and address housing challenges. Gov. Polis also signed into law measures to allow Colorado farmers and ranchers to legally fix their own equipment, protect access to reproductive health care, and combat gun violence.

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