Risk Management Virtual Workshop in TWO Weeks -- Friday, July 28, 2023

Title: Navigating Challenging Conversations: Ethics and Risk Management 
8:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.  |  6 CEs

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The Trust Risk Management Consultants have culled subject matter from some 110,000 consultations provided to date to focus this workshop on problems practitioners often encounter. The overarching theme of Workshop 12 is on the ethics and risk management of navigating various types of challenging conversations that arise in professional practice. Specifically, topics will include: the possibly impaired or unethical colleague; race and microaggressions; record keeping and the Information Blocking Rule; mandated child abuse reporting; multiple relationships and conflicts of interest in collateral versus conjoint services; managing risks of cross-jurisdictional telepsychology; and the ethics and risk management of responding to patients/clients who engage in stalking, threatening, or harassing behaviors.

CPA Members pay $185 to attend; non-members pay $245
Student CPA members pay $75

The presenter of this workshop is Dan O. Taube, PhD, JD.

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Special Offer: Receive a 15% Premium Discount on Your Trust-Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance

Workshop completion earns 6 CE credits and eligibility to receive a 15% premium discount on your Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance for your next 2 consecutive policy periods. To obtain CE discounts, submit CE certification from an organization approved by APA to offer CE credit (must have been completed within the previous 15 months) with the insurance application. Discounts cannot be combined and are not applicable to Researcher/Academician or Student policies. Group policies become eligible for the CE discount when at least 50% of those insured under the group policy submit CE certification. All applications are individually underwritten and submission of CE certification will not guarantee insurance policy issuance or renewal.