Board of Directors: 2019 - 2020 

Executive Committee

President: Rick Ginsberg, PhD

Past President: Athena Baca-Chieza, Psy.D. 

President-Elect: Erin Baurle, Ph.D.







Presidential Advisor: 



SAMD Chair

Reine Evereteze, Psy.D.








At Large Members

Brian Beaumund, Psy.D. (2017-2020)








Odessia Knowles, Ph.D. (2019-2021)








Jonathan Muther, Psy.D, JD

Kate Colon, Psy.D


Sandra Mann, Psy.D

Non-Metro Representatives

Z. Benek Altayli, Psy.D. 








Cassie V. Comeau, Ph.D. 





APA Council Representative

Laura Knudtson, Psy.D



Klarissa Garcia, M.S. Ed




* CPA membership nominates, APA Colorado members elect

**COPAGS nominates and elects

Executive Director

 Kim Gill








Jeannie Vanderburg- Capstone Group







The Colorado Psychologist

Lead Editor: Catherine Greisch Psy.D.

Content Editor: Brean Roman, PsyD

Submission Coordinator: Brian Beaumund, Psy.D.

Format Editor: David Miller