2021 CPA Board of Directors Elections


It is that time of year, and the Colorado Psychological Association's Board Election process is now open! Please see below the list of candidates and their bios for this year's open positions.  Only members are eligible to vote in these elections. 

You will vote for (1) President-Elect, (1) Non-Metro Representative, and (2) Members-At-Large.

 Deadline to Vote: June 24, 2021

President-Elect Nominee (Select ONE Candidate): 

Brian Beaumund, PsyD

When a colleague asked me out to coffee in 2015 to talk about me getting involved in CPA, my initial response was one which I have unfortunately heard from all too many psychologist since—“CPA, What the heck do they even do?!” It was an enlightening hour for me and sparked an interest which led to me stepping into the role of Submission Editor for The Colorado Psychologist. In this role I have had the honor of engaging with and learning from a range of talented and passionate psychologists across the state. Through this role I have developed new friendships, professional connections and gained more from my colleagues than I could ever possibly give back.

I gratefully accepted my nomination to the CPA board in 2017, eager for the opportunity to further my involvement in CPA and learn more about the varied and nuanced ways in which CPA promotes the profession in our state. In this role my eyes were further opened to the immense impact that CPA has, an impact only possible through countless “behind the scenes” sacrifices made by colleagues I have come to greatly admire and respect. Although each of these individuals are truly exceptional in their own ways, I have come to appreciate that this organization affords opportunities for the exceptionalism in each of its members to shine through. Whether it be through the promotion of legislation “on the hill,” facilitating a dialogue in the wake of a tragedy, conducting a webinar for CEs, or even organizing a professional networking event (read as “happy hour”), it is the unique contribution of each individual member that creates the collective glow that is CPA.

Although I cannot help but blush looking back on a more ignorant version of myself in 2015, I must remember that it is only through the gift of hindsight that this organization and all its members—you—have given me. So, thank you; thank you for your service, engagement, and hard work to make this organization what it is today. If elected, I promise to continue to serve this organization just as all of you have for years—to promote the values of our profession, foster a community to share in these values and the opportunity to shine individually as beacons in the field and state.

Brian Beaumund, PsyD has been a CPA member since 2014, a board member since 2017 and The Colorado Psychologist Submission Editor since 2015. He earned his PsyD from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. He provides therapy and assessment services in his private practice in Arvada and teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver.

Non-Metro Representative Nominees (Select ONE Candidate):

Susan Oehler, PsyD

Dr. Susan Oehler, PsyD is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado. Originally from Minnesota, Dr. Oehler earned a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from the Chicago School of ProfessionalPsychology in 2010 and a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 2016. She is currently pursuing a Postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology through Alliant University and anticipates completing this degree in 2022. Dr. Oehler is also a Full-Operating SOMB Adult Treatment Provider and Evaluator and is credentialed as a National Register Health Service Psychologist.

Dr. Oehler has received extensive training and experience working with individuals with severe mental illness as well as in the assessment of risk for general and sexual violence through her doctoral internship and informal postdoctoral training at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP). She regularly travels throughout Southern Colorado to conduct in-custody psychosexual evaluations at the request of both probation and attorneys. In addition, Dr. Oehler frequently provides expert testimony in jurisdictions throughout Colorado for criminal and civil cases.

As a psychologist in the Sexual Treatment and Evaluation Program at CMHIP, Dr. Oehler was recently afforded the opportunity to serve as one of three acting Chairs of the Forensic Disposition Committee. In this role, she is actively involved in reviewing and determining whether individuals opined Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) are appropriate for receiving increased privileges as well as placement in the community. Dr. Oehler is passionate about her work with forensic clientele and strives to be an advocate for members of this underserved population. For this reason, she opted to join the Colorado Prescribing Psychology Taskforce (CO RxP) and has enjoyed assisting with efforts to reform and reduce disparities within the mental health system in Colorado.


Emily Rademan, PsyD, LP

I am running for the Colorado Psychological Association Board of Director Non-Metro Representative to ensure the needs of Psychologists throughout the State are represented. We come from different backgrounds, have different treatment approaches, and live in many culturally unique locations, so I believe it is important to include a variety of views when advocating or creating policies that impact our professional and personal lives. Issues in the forefront of my mind are advocating for appropriate mental health reimbursement rates, protecting the uniqueness that Psychologists bring to the field of mental health, and ensuring access to quality care for Coloradans. I would also like to assist the CPA in bringing in more continuing education trainings for our members.

For the past three years, I have served as the Chair of the Membership Committee for the Colorado Psychological Association in addition to previous Board positions with a university and a local non profit.  In my role as Chair of the membership committee, I saw the importance of building connections within the CPA and engaging with non CPA Psychologists to further build the CPA, along with building professional support and networking here in Colorado. I truly enjoy being involved on the political and administrative sides of organizations because it allows me to potentially impact more than just the patients in my office.  



 Member-At-Large Nominees (Select TWO Candidates):

Gabe Casher, PhD

My name is Dr. Gabe Casher, and I am nominated for a three-year term as a Member at Large for the CPA Board of Directors. As a voting member, I will advocate for policies that increase access to care (e.g., prescriptive authority for psychologists), promote preventative initiatives (e.g., early childhood and substance use programs), and meet the needs of our community while also caring for our behavioral health workers, who are overworked and underappreciated. I believe I am well prepared to represent the diverse interests of our state’s psychological community, given my experience across Colorado’s healthcare settings, including a public safety-net hospital (Denver Health), an academic medical center (CU-Anschutz/Children’s Hospital Colorado), and in my private practice.

I strive to be culturally responsive, and I especially cherish the geographic and cultural diversity of our community of psychologists. I am familiar with the crisis of unmet mental health needs of marginalized populations and the importance of preventative and harm reduction approaches. I am also excited to promote cultural responsivity and to advocate for educational and policy initiatives to support our response to broader inequalities.  

In sum, I believe my experiences position me to advocate for policies that positively affect psychologists, our clients, and the systems in which we work. As psychologists in Colorado, we are navigating the changing landscape of behavioral health care including the explosion of teletherapy, the prospect of prescribing privileges for psychologists, and a growing initiative for a state public option for health insurance. These changes are also taking place in diverse communities with high mental health needs and a continuing shortage of providers (especially medication prescribers). I believe that CPA should play an integral role in advocating for psychologists and our clients, and I would value the opportunity to represent my colleagues in a leadership role. I hope you will trust me to listen to you and to advocate for you as a voting member of the CPA Board.


Michelle Dawson, PsyD

I am honored to receive the nomination for Member at Large on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Psychological Association and would be so excited to have the opportunity to serve on the board for the next three years.  My interest in this role stems from my strong desire to dedicate my time, experience and passion to the field of psychology.  The past year has added fuel to the fire of this interest. I so much want to give back in response to the growing mental health needs that we face, especially in light of the past year of turmoil and inequity. 

My varied experience in the field of mental health in Colorado gives me an understanding of the state of the field of psychology locally.  After graduating from college in 1994, I moved to Colorado to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology.  While working to receive my Masters degree at CU I worked at a residential treatment facility in Larkspur and at the University of Colorado Inpatient Unit.  After gaining my Masters in Counseling Psychology, I worked at the Mental Health Corporation of Denver for three years as a case manager and then a clinician.  While gratifying, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in the field and engrossed myself in training to earn a Psy. D.  from the University of Denver in 2005.  I interned at the University of Denver Counseling Center with a focus on primary care psychology.  

After completing my internship I have been practicing in the Denver area.  Over the past fifteen years while maintaining a full time practice I achieved balance enjoying family life with my husband and our two children. At the same time I continued to expand my training. In 2010 I completed the two year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training program through the Denver Psychoanalytic Institute. Additionally, I served as adjunct faculty at the University of Denver in the International Disaster Psychology Program, developing and implementing a course on the Psychology of Grief and Loss.  During my work there I prepared and presented frequent lectures on this topic, and it was very satisfying.

Most recently, I earned a Certification in Perinatal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International (PSI).  I have also been serving as a volunteer coordinator in the Denver area for PSI connecting individuals who are struggling with issues related to pregnancy to mental health resources in the community.  This experience has been rewarding and meaningful to me not only professionally, but because I had my own humbling experience as a psychologist  struggling after the birth of both of my children.  My experience drove a desire to educate myself and get involved in helping communities who do not have easy access to mental health care to get services and gain connection during perinatal and postpartum periods.  I have a powerful need to give back to my community, and to expand my role as a leader in the field of psychology in Colorado.   

I would be thrilled to contribute by being a Member at Large on the Board of the Colorado Psychological Association.


Erin Shrago, PsyD

Whether it is in my personal life or my professional life as a clinical psychologist, contribution, advocacy and advancement are important values that I seek to uphold. I have been a private practice psychologist for over 15 years, working with children, adolescents, and adults. This has and continues to be a pursuit that offers challenge, fulfillment, and meaning in my life and in the lives of my patients (I hope!). Often my goal is that of meaningful change in people’s lives, and while psychotherapy can be a great vehicle for change on an individual level, I also seek contribution toward change on a broader scale.

It is with the goal of contribution on more of a systems-level that brought me to my previous role as a board member for 10 years on the board of trustees at The Havern School (specializing in educating children with learning differences). Being in a role as a clinical supervisor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology was also a position in which I found my contribution and collaboration to be very meaningful and rewarding. Additionally, I sought roles to contribute and advocate in areas of personal interest and investment, participating in annual fundraisers for epilepsy and for Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The past year has been especially illuminating of the many changes that need to occur on a macro-level, and I believe the field of psychology offers an excellent community to advocate for such needed change. Whether it be in the area of gun violence, examining mental health access and the role of telehealth, or working toward more inclusion of diversity, there are many areas in need of productive dialog and prioritization. I believe that such change can begin with individual contribution and group advocacy, and that is why I seek a board member position with the Colorado Psychological Association. I approach my commitments with a strong work ethic, a love of collegial collaboration, and a commitment to positive change and evolution in our field and in our world. I look forward to being considered to contribute, advocate, and advance the role that the field of psychology can serve in our Colorado community and beyond.  


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. Your vote is appreciated!