Welcome to the NEW CPA Listserv, a Member Benefit of the Colorado Psychological Association!

Posted: February 12, 2020

We are officially launching the new CPA listserv!

As a CPA member, and a current subscriber to the CPA listserv, you're already signed up for the new Listserv that we’ve launched. You will use the email address you use for CPA in your profile and on the CPA website. 

You can read here about how you may also send Listserv messages through the CPA website. 

You may also read here about how to turn off the emails, or access the Listserv itself. 

NOTE: Only the email associated with your profile will be able to post and respond - all other emails used will bounce!

Thanks, as always, for your membership in CPA!

Questions? Contact: 
Phone: 303.692.9303
Email: [email protected]

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